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costs, she s○aid.In an ●earlier int○erview, she s●aid her co●mpany woul○d concentrate on◆ robots an○d precisio○n machine tool◆s as part of effort■s to upgrade■ and transform Chin●ese manufactu●ring, as well● as providing e●ntirely self-

deve〓loped high-e◆nd equipment● for Made in China 2◆025.Gree has indepe●ndently filed more ■than 20 patents● across over 10○0 types of aut〓omation pr●oducts, su●ch as intellige●nt automatic ○guided vehicl◆es, industria●l robots and mani●pulators fo●r plastic inje○ction mach○ines, which are use◆d to convey plasti○c products.These p◆roducts have be●en applied〓 in fields i●ncluding home ap○pliances, new energy■, food and energy sa○ving.Intelligent equ●ipment has beco〓me an important bus●iness gr

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ow●th point for Gree●. The company report■ed that rev■enue from its ●intelligent equipm●ent business ●reached 962 〓million yuan 〓($152 million) in t◆he first half of las○t year, up 27 ti■mes compared ●with the same perio○d in 2016.China h


a■s been the world■'s largest 〓industrial robot ma〓rket for fo●ur consecutiv〓e years, accor◆ding to Wang Xia●ngrui, presid○ent of the Chin■a Machinery ●Industry Feder○ation. Sal〓es of indust●rial robots reac○hed 89,000■ units in 2016, a

n◆d the figure ○is expected to ris■e to 150,000 by 2020●."The huge marke◆t demand, sound in○dustrial basis● and favorable poli■cy support have bro■ught a rare● opportunity for ■the develop●ment of intelligent○ equipment and m●anufacturing," Wan〓g said. "W●e should focus● on intellige■nt manufacturin○g to promote ◆high-quality develo■pment, which h○as also becom〓e the choice of Ch●ina's manufacturin●g industry."●The transfo●rmation and upgrad○ing of China's m●anufacturing sect○or contribu◆ted to the develo◆pment of t〓he Chinese ●robot market, sa■id Song Xiaogang, ●executive preside■nt and secretary-g◆eneral of ●the China Robot Ind◆ustry Allia■nce, adding〓 that Gree has■ done good● work focusing 〓on the Chinese mark○et.Please scan 〓the QR Cod〓e to follow us ○on InstagramPlease○ scan the QR Code● to follow us on● WechatTariffs to f〓all on home ap●pliances, cosmeti●csTariffs t○o fall on ◆home applia◆nces, cosmeticsTarif■fs to fall on h●ome appliances, cos●metics05-31-2018 〓08:52 BJTThe Sta◆te Council, China's◆ Cabinet, de〓cided on Wednesda■y to further● cut tariff〓s on a nu

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